Design Build


An integrated project delivery method where the contractor, the design staff and the owner are molded into a team to provide comprehensive building solutions with a single source of responsibility.

This must be an experienced design build team:

Be sure to select the RIGHT TEAM based on qualifications!

The design build process begins with a meeting of the owner, design staff, and contractor.
Project goals are set including:

This brings CREATIVITY, CONTROL, and ACCOUNTABILITY to the construction process.


Together, the team works through the design, the codes, construction methods, material delivery, and the cost.

The Results Are:


The contractor will help the team make informed decisions. The team has immediate feedback on how a design decision impacts project cost and schedule.

Quality Control Is A Team Effort:

How well the finished project meets the owner’s needs and expectations is the real measure of a project’s success. This is achieved through the design build process.


With design build project delivery, there is ultimately a single point of responsibility and that is the design build contractor. The design build contractor is ultimately accountable for the construction, cost and quality of the entire project; he is accountable to the owner throughout the project to ensure the success of the design and construction. With this accountability comes risk and it is the design build contractor’s responsibility to manage this risk.
The design build contractor is involved throughout the process and works with the design staff and the owner to develop necessary construction documents. He manages the cost throughout the project to match the owner’s budget, and manages the project to be sure that the owner receives a well built project (on time, on budget and matches the owner’s scope). The design build contractor is not without support – everyone is accountable to the other.

How Does This Benefit The OWNER?

You will be glad you selected the RIGHT TEAM!