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"S" Corporation in South Carolina and North Carolina

ADC was established in January of 2006 with the vision of providing architectural design and planning services to the local community. The founder, Ed O'Sullivan, began the process after leaving his management position at a nationally recognized architectural and engineering firm. In March of 2006, ADC opened an office in Easley, South Carolina. Another architect, Hank Eleazer, joined ADC in July of 2006 and since that time, additional design and administrative staff has been added as workload dictated.

From the very beginning, ADC has steadily grown in the markets it serves. Currently licensed to work in several states, ADC is capable of providing full service Architectural and Engineering from master planning through construction documents and construction administration for office buildings, municipal, industrial, commercial, restaurants, utility, educational, institutional, religious, or single and multi-family residential projects.

The single most important decision an owner can make, that will have a profound impact on the success of any building project, is the selection of the design professionals. ADC understands that this same principle applies when tailoring the engineering support for each project.

The Architects at ADC have developed relationships over the years with different engineering firms. These relationships allow the selection of the engineers best suited for the particular design challenges presented by a project. This cohesive relationship promotes a coordinated design phase that results in a well thought-out project. It is the goal of this team to provide what the eclient needs by carefully listening to what is said, while offering professional guidance, creativity, and a wealth of design experience. ADC can apply proven design principles to any project to help ensure it meets the client's needs and exceeds their expectations.

The delivery process is another key factor in the formula for a successful project. The staff at ADC is capable of customizing the delivery of a project to suit specific project needs. With years of experience with the Design/Bid delivery system, the Architects at ADC have spent the last twenty-five years honing skills as "Design/Build" and "Fast Track" architects. The success of this delivery method relies heavily on the construction knowledge of the design professionals. It starts with how well they can form a team with the Client and the Design/Build Contractor. There are advantages to each delivery method. Assisting the Client in selecting the best method for the project is the part of the role ADC can play on any project.

The design and management skills that ADC has developed help ensure your project's success.

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